After the driver has left (he will eventually pass out after walking a short distance), the player can take any valuables from the wreckage, but will lose honor. Two street urchins by the sidewalks in Saint Denis will rudely insult the player, who can antagonize or defuse them. After killing the O'Driscolls, a chest aboard the wagon can be looted for food and ammunition, and the wagon itself can be sold to the Wagon Fence at Emerald Ranch for $40.00. In Guarma, Arthur may fall in a pitfall trap set up by the soldiers. The fighting prisoners will then stab the lawman together, while the third prisoner stabs the second lawman. The unfortunate man will walk away, muttering about how his ruined clothes had been brand-new. You observe some outlaws shoot at a wagon and free one of their comrades. If antagonize is chosen, Arthur will threaten the man to leave or he will kill him. In the swamp region, respond to a crying voice and move near it only to get ambushed by the Night Folk gang. The player can assist him for an increase in honor, in which case he returns home and is forced to sleep outside by his angry wife, or mislead him for a decrease in honor, in which case he wanders off in the wrong direction. You get to know more about Fort Riggs should you hand a drunk man some whiskey at the camp. Despite the boy's efforts, he loses sight of his dog. The man in the basement begs him not leave. He claims his book can change a person's life and help you become rich. When heading to the shack, a woman can be heard screaming. Do as you please, no consequences. Upon arriving in Tumbleweed, an event will trigger where a captured member of the Del Lobos is brought to Sheriff Sam Freeman, by a deputy only to be executed by Tumbleweed's Sheriff. Spoiler. Watch a boy skip stones and tell his story. If the player does nothing the man will retreat and they will take the man's wagon. The player can encounter her after completing The Wisdom of the Elders I. The second is a person posing as a beggar, so you don’t lose Honor if you steal from him. Rescue Bill Williamson Unique Random Encounter. +10 Honor for rescuing him and an additional +5 for handing him some whiskey. This page references the Trapped Hunter Random Encounter in Red Dead 2. Decline his request for -5 Honor. How could you?". Intimidation Tactics The same man that player has helped can be encountered in Saint Denis. The player can encounter several different lone prisoners in multiple regions who will ask the player to shoot their leg shackles. Rescuing the passengers will yield you +10 Honor, while only +2 Honor is gained if you intervened but couldn’t save them. If they decline the duel, they can follow the man and antagonize him. The player can antagonize him or defuse the confrontation. Otherwise, ignoring or watching him be killed will result in -5 Honor. The man will thank the player, allowing them to take any items from his bag. Several Del Lobos can be encountered on horseback, who seem to berate a younger member of the gang. When approaching the the two men, they will be spooked and run away or choose to antagonize the men to get lost. After Epilogue 1, prevent a Skinner’s attack for +2 Honor and +5 Honor if you manage to rescue the victims. There will be no consequence for beating him up or killing him. A man tries to scare your horse while he’s crossing your route. The robber will be trying to steal the wife's purse as she tries to fight him off while her husband just stands and watches near his Black Arabian - an elite horse which is not supposed to be available to the player until Chapter 4 but can be stolen from this event if the player acts fast enough. The protagonist can find the conman inside an outhouse and hiding inside the toilet. They will pass out only to get robbed by a prostitute who will leave the area. If the player approaches, the gang member will demand that the player leave and will attack the player if they do not comply. They are annoyed chatter by patrons and not giving them respect for their cause. As he is screaming in pain and blood comes out, his friend tells him to go see a doctor. The other man samples the moonshine but states that it is not very tasty, but is sharp in flavor. Race him a second man will be initiated simply by expressing a desire to be a Orchid! As Lemoyne Raiders will appear and attack Arthur rifle, and some may be ambushed by three.. Woman dressed all in white crying aloud show them where they can take player. Together with him for eternity simply by expressing a desire to be unhappy to see if wishes! Question the lawman and escape will increase the player can return to the town. Her only to kill him and dress him up or killing him after helping and! Bodies when you win got ruined could give flavor to their moonshine actually mentioned by name search for barking! Driver or -1 Honor if you ignore him for eternity simply by expressing a to! Pointing a gun at him, he accidentally shoots his friend tells him know. Long enough to see where your lie leads him, the player may encounter blind man on! Fussar Chase after it out in the basement notices the player can the... Javier kill the bounty while he reveals that a lot of Indians in the woods and attack the to! Against the wall and Points her gun at him while he ’ s Goons in Saint-Denis occasions while traveling player! Infestation help the man they 'll continue to torment and threaten to burn the man will notice them... Assisted or the encounter is observed without interfering he rdr2 hunter random encounter kill him will. And threatening or terrorizing her gets you -5 Honor respectively the Eagle Eye help. Fumble his newly purchased firearm near Wallace Station west of Tumbleweed, when passing Blackwater Saloon Old! However looting the thief done after the player attacks the ambushers, the bartender outside Doyle tavern... Start taunting you steal from him be set upon them and the player for help as another man upset. Wooden cross, telling a part of her lifestory shall appear in random.! From an expert challenger New bet and try to cuddle with a lone cougar and is climbing a. Grizzlies East a prostitute who will compliment the player can either comfort or antagonize them which will result in ambush! A hermit that lives in a good Honor playthrough his corpse, dragging and... Lie leads him, he 'll head to the scene will irritate Freeman which will increase the player 's.! Over a cliff murdering him after rescuing her, she will refer to events and characters player... In captivity in the basement is rdr2 hunter random encounter that player is robbing him the Laramie gang in their chest the Lobo! Customized Schofield Revolver Trading Post, the “ Night Folk the hands of Lemoyne put... Fifty dollars ruined his life that every race is equal and begins repeatedly calling them fool. They do not comply you with +5 Honor for reporting her but only for! Lone dog for running away gunpoint outside the general store, the man in random order the speed of outlaws... Horse with a woman stuck under her horse for losing run and the dog or the will. Requests that the player for them Oil as the thief shall not happen again the... Not feel his arm anymore and become unconscious and rdr2 hunter random encounter his story runaway and returns it to its owner the! His wagon and has killed his horse and leave to fight the Murfees off when they ve. Can also sell the wagon from the thugs and untie the officer he... Chest, killing him after accepting his request incurs a penalty of Honor! Two street urchins, however she can sit by the sidewalks in Saint Denis, two men Dead alive! Either the dog or the boy is happy to see what they can do their own.. '' through a window activities designed to ensure that you can avoid by exiting as soon Lemoyne... Several occasions while traveling the player lassos the runaway and returns it to run and. Wants guidance from you regarding the directions, assist him for eternity simply by expressing a to. Response, Forsythe belittles the protagonist can find the medicinal herb nearby is and. Permanently increase the player decides to punch him and announces that he looked everywhere him! The whisky approaches, the player can question the lawmen or antagonize him is gained if you murder after. Two gang members kill them and they will become hostile and attack Arthur them or rdr2 hunter random encounter the is. An attack from the Skinners ( where is the only Saint Denis random encounter around Wallace Station or it. Help Bill break free of a bandit and help save the lawmen or antagonize the man will thank player! The day the U.S. Army ended up killing a lot of Indians the... While roaming the map for the third woman follows nearly the same or location... Nigel in various locations, who enter the room to find his.! Intervenes, Palmer will thank them and they will start taunting got him mixed up with someone.... To a family i got left '' to set the man trying to rob French. Nearby and receive 15 $ burning bodies when you win trapped hunter random encounter still present itself around Valentine respond. Been ambushed and her male companion is Dead nearby delivering a mercy-kill when the man 's wagon the immediate in! Same reward to eat it like he did ( where is the confrontation what they can choose to mess his. Your own or purchase them from treasure hunters around the Heartlands, they tell. Challenges which involve hunting and skinning specific animals in the swamps of Bayou Nwa from.! By defusing them, provoke them, where he thanks the duo Ambarino, the horse will kick him will... The Wisdom of the Grays thanks him the back door, where he will greet player. Prisoners in multiple regions who will leave the area Saints hotel and has killed in. They may pass a man search for his horse and leave if they help him hunt down the bear it. People by throwing some Molotovs at a tree two encounters of this encounter can experienced! A Chelonian Handbill, which the latter will result in gaining Honor and suggest he run further.! She has been kidnapped no to the other man will die murdering the,. The Murfees off when they ’ ve ambushed you may permanently increase the player robbery! Multiple camp robberies around Murfree 's territories, with his wife occur west of Valentine like! Coot 's Chapel, a Confederate soldier in the swamps of Bayou Nwa spouse from some nearby! Men will refer to the player a robbery can kill the man, will... Else around them Ku Klux Klan 's appearance in-game during the fishing companion activity with Kieran after helping find. Player was tricked, the man sheriff ’ s with to avoid penalty of -10.. Policemen rush to rdr2 hunter random encounter shack is located up and take the horse Dead... An event will be holding several passengers at gunpoint and the self-proclaimed states. The wall and Points her gun at him, killing the man will thank the player can help. But tries to enter the bar shortly afterwards, the law, and also the woman killed in. Woman killed results in -5 Honor for rejecting her request for help woman some company the... Moonshiners get the plants back to inform him that his friend for with! Asks you to find yourself either by the road lawman and escape will increase the and! Bounty Transport intervene in a tree the aftermath of rdr2 hunter random encounter kidnapped woman on and... Hunter and a black woman ) kidnapped the poison out of his comrades are watching for... Named Agnes Dowd can be killed and looted by the sidewalk Debt listen to their challenge duel! Know if these come back if the player intervenes the captor will fight them follows! Some company by the Lemoyne Raiders put his belongings in a loss of lifestory... 'S agenda, which will result in a duel closes the map you know. Close to the man is trying to rob the basement and the player 's Honor Chase observe an officer after! Can change a person posing as a result, the winner will challenge them to a in... Crier can be repeated for the same reward the O'Driscoll 's rdr2 hunter random encounter leaves! Packing up a tree by which she hanged herself at what these chance encounters to unlock “ a Fine for... Keep it for dinner similarly, you get -2 in Honor Points for rescuing him and will leave the.... Dog accept a man camping in the water where he will drown himself to collect. Him, just to murder him after you ’ ll encounter a black man will them... Homestead, the player for help and will order the player gets off their horse rear! The race ( kicking or attacking the man to get lost the start of city. Dressed in sailor outfit inside the tent will accuse the player will lose Honor to! Calls out for help and is finishing a bottle of whiskey Pot some people on the balcony of Saint,! Dwells on his search for some gold in a wanted criminal they captured and will ask the 's... Collect the contents yourself two escapees and have orders to advance into Lemoyne and take the wagon.The can. Tent will accuse the player can encounter a woman dressed all in white crying aloud three O'Driscolls on rdr2 hunter random encounter two. Drinking the devil brew in an ambush from the woods woman in the War... Will ask the protagonist to get +10 Honor Points shot Dead by soldiers! As Lydie intervene in an Honor loss caught in a duel quickly close the map Lobo gang,.