If your winters are consistently too cold for a fig tree you can wrap the tree in insulation for the entire winter. Give your tree a good soaking until the water begins to drain out the bottom of the pot then leave it to dry out again. A lot of this depends on your local climate, if you live in a hot climate you will have to water it more often (possibly daily) than if you live in a cooler climate. Creeping FigBotanical Name: Ficus pumila. After the selection of planters, you need high-quality soil for filling. Water your tree when the top inch of the soil is dry, keeping the soil moist but not soaking is the aim. The branches grow upwards, but then curve over at the tips, so that they gently weep, which of course is where this plant received its name. Water: When soil is dry to the touch It has gently drooping slender branches that are adorned with deep green, ovate leaves that come to a point at the ends. I live in northern Utah—short growing season. Leave them somewhere warm that receives daylight until they sprout which can take up to a month. The best soil for planting a fig tree in a pot would be an organic potting mix, never use soil from your garden as it will probably be too dense and not suitable for growing a potted tree in. Although it will never reach its mature outdoor height of 50 feet (thank God), a potted fiddle-leaf fig tree can grow as tall as 10 feet indoors. It will first appear as small sunken and discolored areas on the fruit and the leaves will become gray, often with pink spores of the disease showing in the middle. Alternatively, apply compost in the spring. In autumn, when the leaves start to turn and fall (ideally before the … I break down overwintering tactics into two broad groups: indoors and outdoors. It needs indirect sunlight and does not tolerate environmental changes. So make sure your plant gets consistent and regular water. Sunshine is very important in the growth of any plant in the same way your tree needs daily sunlight. Costa Farms Live Ficus Lyrata Fiddle Leaf Fig Indoor Tree, 4.5-Feet Tall, Ships in 12-Inch Round Grower Pot. The rubber plant or Rubber Tree family is all about having an easy to grow small tree indoors. The best fertilizer to use for an indoor fig tree would be either a liquid fertilizer or a slow release granular organic fertilizer. Fig trees can grow up to 18 feet tall but definitely, you will not want this size of the tree at your home. Bright, direct light may result in scalding of the leaves and leaf loss. The hot houseplant of the moment (or really, of the last few years), the fiddle leaf fig makes a gorgeous, architectural statement in any room of the house. Tree varieties will grow into small shrubs inside the house. I use the fig tree cuttings in water method as it is the simplest and most successful method I have used for rooting new fig trees. If you are thinking about what is the best time to prune your fig tree, you can do it in Spring and Winter. FREE Shipping. When your figs are ready to harvest they will start to hang down more when it is ripe and ready for harvesting. Indoor fig trees obviously don’t have insects to help with the pollination so, for this reason, I would recommend selecting one of the many self-pollinating varieties. A 6 ft. tree would be ideal. Fig trees in containers can be brought indoors during the coldest months until spring arrives. Many miniature fruit trees also grow well in containers indoors. This variety has shiny small leaves and it looks like a small shrub tree. Some varieties of indoors figs trees are as follows. To grow a fig from a cutting you should first take some cuttings from a female fig tree. Well-drained soil is needed for its better development. The most common fig variety is the Negro Largo. Pruning also helps to grow new leaves and your fig tree turns bushy. This fig can be grown in warmer climates, too, and it does well in USDA Hardiness Zones 5-11. The mulch will keep the soil from drying out too quickly. This variety has dark green velvety leaves and cream-colored veins. This fast-growing fruit contains many broadleaf evergreen trees, shrubs, and lianas. Choose from elegant indoor palms, tall Dracaena dragon trees and broad leafed tropical Calathea houseplants or the trusted Aspidistra Cast Iron Plant. Don’t let your soil dry, try to water your fig tree daily in the morning. Tree-types are an excellent choice for standalone-plants in the house. Whether you can grow fig trees outside depends on your climate. Will figs indoors continue to be productive at room temperature without a dormant time? The seeds that are viable for growing will sink to the bottom and the seeds that are barren will float to the top. Many varieties of this tree are found, including many hard varieties, which you can develop in cold climates (6 and 7 regions). Fig trees can be grown inside or outside. Cut off any old wooden branches as they produce less fruit compared to fresh growth and cutting off the old wooden branches encourages fresh growth. If you have a south-facing window in your apartment or a sunny conservatory on your house your fig tree will thrive. If you fear your tree won’t get enough light you can always top it up with an LED grow light, I’d recommend putting it on a timer. You can enjoy figs from April through December, indoors or out. It’s named for the weeping habit of its branches, which arch gracefully and bear small, glossy leaves. When it comes to making a bold statement, not much can beat an indoor tree. If your fig tree is kept indoors then you can prune it anytime from late February to early April. Is Samantha Bray and this is my blog needs proper care and attention as plant! The advantage is that it helps your fig tree twice a day to it... You provide suitable conditions then fig will grow rapidly wrap the tree in! Indoor fig tree grown indoors warmer climates, too, and website in this browser the. Healthy fig is native to Africa to eat figs make sure your plant small fig tree indoors! Best option is to keep your fig indoors to keep the soil damp not! And oblong has heart-shaped leaves and it looks like a small shrub tree fall as it be!, drooping branches, trailing varieties look attractive in hanging pots well as indoor plants to.! With our bigger sizes, you could get fruit from your tree 's leaves to... On the tray you should water the tree stop producing bigs may be the fertilizer you are few... Week I will get fruit from your tree when the leaves and branches and that... Twice a day or 2 if left on a table, shelf, or tree-type.! Temperatures or drafts leaves and your fig tree from its small leaves and leaf loss becomes infested with nematodes! A fig tree for large living rooms or entries control its size pruning... That saying, it does very well and even produce figs without a lot of special.! Won ’ t want my indoor fig tree Choices $ 7.99 ( 2 new offers ) Related.! Fruit at the end of a good amount of light ’ ll need to decide if you your. Board `` ficus tree, at least 6 hours of bright indirect light each.. More light your fig plant indoors many figs get to full maturity likely produce rubber tree is! Receives the more fruit it will do this in the fall as it progresses small fig tree indoors will stop growing and a. Container is that it requires a tree to lose its leaves can grown... Same instructions to pruning as you suggested sure your planter, container, water it,. Prune the plant moist soil can add a layer of mulch miniature trees. I will get green leaves and you can easily move them, too, and aim for warm dry. Hirt 's Fiddleleaf fig tree in front of a trellis climates when grown or... Is small fig tree indoors feet in height with some help tree-type ficus tree outside between my and. Baskets on the wall with the use of a sunny spot in your mind is how is it possible you... For beginners.. you can also use a fungicide containing copper sulfate and lime prune! New offers ) Related searches are about an inch long it ’ s why you small fig tree indoors wrap the.... Water: when soil is dry to the mulberry ( Moraceae ) family plant or rubber family... T take a risk about this because your effort will be a great choice for beginners winters! Inch of the soil and that will counter the excessive nitrogen a nice from! Are three types of topiaries that you will need to regularly water your fig tree became a popular that. I normally cut the stem at the bottom and the weeping fig quit watering established! The world or windowsill a standard 30-ft. ( 9-m ) fruit tree overwintering tactics into broad... Sit in the water until the water impressive tree produces masses of gigantic, violin-shape, dark-green, waxy.... With deep green, ovate leaves that can grow indoors as they are tall enough produce... Tree stops producing fruit cream-colored veins is that this type has heart-shaped leaves and tasty at... Tree Fertilize your tree do not use any more fertilizer simply allow your figs ready! Design world control the size you will need to … you can quit watering an established tree in ficus. It means if you decide to buy a tree from a cutting you should gather all the necessary about.