Ole Miss. The list below includes all schools where Brentwood students were accepted between 2017-2019. College Matriculation The 655 members of the Classes of 2016 – 2020 elected to attend 180 different college and universities throughout the United States and abroad. Since 1919, the test has been arranged by a national body, the Matriculation Examination Board. Approximately 70 students graduate from Asheville School each year. Class of 2020; Class of 2019; Class of 2018; Class of 2017; Class of 2016; Class of 2015 ; Class of 2014 ; Class of 2013 Baylor University. We help our students discover their passions and find colleges that align with their talents, personalities and goals. Catholic University of America (3) Colby College (3) Colgate University. ... Students who complete all the matriculation steps by April 12th will register before current IVC students. Howard University. They are matriculating at 146 colleges and universities, including a wonderfully broad range of schools in the U.S. and internationally. CANADA. classes in Lower School, to thirteen different sports in Middle School athletics, to an individualized fitness program in High School, Ensworth provides the … College Matriculation Shady Side Academy enjoys a 100% college matriculation rate. LFC UNIVERSITY MATRICULATION (2013-2020) Names in bold represent class of 2020 Matriculation. Upper School Admissions > College Matriculation; Applying to the Upper School: Grades 9-12 ... High Point University - 2. Indiana University - 7. You'll see in the list below that St. Margaret's graduates matriculate to a wide variety of colleges and universities based on their goals for the future. ... All School Matriculation . Our three full-time college counselors work individually with students and their families to determine the college options that best suit their needs. 3850 Linden Road Rocky River, OH 44116-4099 Phone: 440.333.1660 | Fax: 440.333.1729 Email: [email protected] 100% of Asheville School graduates continue to college. The Classes of 2016-2020 matriculated at the following colleges and universities: Duke University. A school in bold denotes where a student matriculated. Washington Waldorf graduates matriculate to a wide variety of colleges and universities, large and small, public and private. ... University Wheaton College. Members of each class enroll at approximately 125 different institutions each year. We hear frequent comments from college admissions officers on how interesting, thoughtful, and articulate our students are as applicants and later as students. College and University Acceptances and Matriculation for the Classes of 2018, 2019, and 2020 Colleges in bold are those enrolled in by the Classes of 2018, 2019, and/or 2020 Adelphi University In the past two years, Rosati-Kain graduates have enrolled at more than 70 colleges and universities across the United States and internationally. Hobart William Smith Colleges. There is no one school for the R-K students: some select small liberal arts institutions, others go on to big research universities. Wheaton College (MA) Williams College Every year since 2013, nearly 90% of the senior class earned acceptances to Barron's Profile of American Colleges' "Most Competitive" and "Highly Competitive" colleges and universities. College / University Matriculation: University High School students apply to and enroll at schools that reflect each student’s individual interests and strengths. Class of 2020: College Acceptances & Matriculation The list below reflects the extensive variety of colleges and universities where the Class of 2020 has been accepted and will attend. College Matriculation for CDS Classes of 2013, 2014 and 2015.